A Few Words About Us
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A Few Words About Us
A Few Words About Us


We are here to help the swiss locals and tourists to get to their destination. Our software provides amazing oppurtunities to the users. With one account you can be a driver and also a passenger, no need of switching between accounts.

Our solution can decrease the time duration of the travel by 40-60% and the costs by 30-50%, compare to the public transport. To travel by car is one of the most comfortable way and we would like to offer this opportunity to our customers.

Air pollution, climate change is the most important task of our generation. Not driving alone but always offer a ride (while making money) the drivers will be able to generate less CO2 per capita while driving. Did you know that 50-70% of the cars driving without a second or third person? Do you agree this is a very big impact on our fresh air and it has to be changed? Our project is ready to fight against the air pollution. 


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