How to use zamMe?
How to use zamMe?
July 21., 2021.
How to use zamMe?


Dear friends, guests and future users,

we would like to introduce you how to use zamMe properly. 

Due to the increasing demand of a swiss ridesharing platform, we have created a solution for you all.


If you would like to use it as a DRIVER,...

,than Post Trips is your choice. With that you can offer your free seats for other users, who may would like to join you. You can customize your offers by different factors, such as offered seats, intermediate stops etc.

, than you should check the Ask a Ride offerings. There are other users who would like to travel to a destination which is not offered by other Drivers. In this case, they have the opportunity to ask for their travel needs (number of passenger, offered price/passenger etc.). You as a Driver are able to apply for these offers and do the trip with your future buddies.

When you would like to use it as a Business Driver not as an individuell Driver, you can easily switch to Business Account in your Profile, just by giving a few extra informations. After you finished the process you can add more than one car to your account in the My Cars menu.


If you would like to use it as a Passenger,...

, than you should just register an account and you are good to go. You can apply for the offered trips by the Drivers or if you cannot find any trip that fits you. You can offer your customized wish to the Drivers under the Ask a ride menu.



Your friends at zamMe

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